Closing Keynote: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day

No matter how talented and driven your team is, there is always a danger of getting stuck in ruts. You must be mindful of some of the common areas where even the most focused and successful teams eventually trip up and build practices to help you avoid them. In this talk, you will learn a practical process for recognizing those “watch points” organizationally, identifying personal and organizational passion areas, and ensuring that the people in your organization are bringing their best focus and energy every day.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn ways to maximize team focus and energy for increased productivity
  2. Identify personal and organizational passion areas
  3. Recognize what to look out for to help avoid getting stuck in ruts

This session is ideal for:

  • Leadership and C-suite individuals
  • Individuals who want to learn more about organizational culture that promotes people’s best work


Todd Henry

Author and Speaker