The Case for Regional Talent

Indiana’s progress to keep new graduates in state has been a success story. Now, we must turn our attention to recruiting talent from out of state and back into our state.

With an unemployment rate of only 3.6%, most individuals in Indiana have a job. So, how are Hoosier companies attracting and retaining top talent? Not only do you want the best, brightest, and most innovative workers on your team, they want to remain on your team and contribute to the community. Join FirstPerson CEO and Founder Bryan Brenner as he dives into the concept of regionalism for talent and how it can help you strengthen your workforce.

You’ll have the opportunity to hear stories and inspiration from a panel of leaders actively developing progress on these matters, including Jason Kloth of Ascend, Michael Huber of the Indy Chamber, and Jennifer Young Dzwonar of Borshoff.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain a clear understanding of what regional talent means
  2. Learn what creative initiatives are happening in our region
  3. Understand what strategies other “sister” regions have done with this initiative and which have been successful
  4. Understand how your team and company can engage in these efforts moving forward to improve your own results and the results we collectively can achieve

This session is ideal for:

  • Individuals in a leadership or C-suite role
  • Organizations who are seeking strategies to source more local talent
  • Individuals who want to learn what other employers in Indiana are doing to attract and retain talent
Bryan Brenner


Jennifer Dzwonar


Michael Huber

Indy Chamber

Jason Kloth

Ascend Indiana