Perk Up!

Are talent acquisition and retention a constant struggle for your organization? With unemployment rates at a 30-year low, we are living in a job seeker’s market. Join FirstPerson Senior Strategist Alli Isaacs for a session outlining unique perks and benefits that will set you apart from your competitors and add value for your employees. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what other companies are doing and what investment, both time and resource, would be required to implement similar strategies within your organization.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to differentiate your organization with unique solutions
  2. Understand what monetary and time investment is needed to implement new perks
  3. Discover peer success stories and walk away with vetted resources and potential partners

This session is ideal for:

  • Individuals in a talent or human resources role
  • Organizations who want to learn how to be a competitive employer
  • Employers looking for new perks to offer employees
Alli Isaacs


Tiffany Polster