Employer Talent Initiatives

Under the leadership of our region’s most important organizations and legislative bodies, central Indiana’s economy is growing exponentially. In the near future – and even now, this growth will require a different talent pool than that of today. Join FirstPerson CEO and Founder Bryan Brenner as he dives into the creative plans local employers have to fuel this growth by supporting an energetic, always-developing workforce. A panel of local experts, including Liz Huldin of The Heritage Group, Miranda Nicholson of Formstack, and Julia Kauffman of High Alpha, will join the discussion. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how innovative local employers are keeping talent in state and recruiting from out of state
  2. Discover how you can grow and develop talent in modern ways
  3. Understand how investing in talent helps us all collectively

This session is ideal for:

  • Individuals in a leadership, C-level, or talent role
  • Organizations looking for strategies to source more local talent
  • Individuals who want to learn what other employers in Indiana are doing to attract and retain talent
Bryan Brenner


Liz Huldin

The Heritage Group

Julia Kauffman

High Alpha

Miranda Nicholson